[dropcap1]A[/dropcap1]rtists, companies, entrepreneurs and superstars like yourself  hire me when they want unique, cool and outstanding work for presentations, commercials or their online presence. I was a pioneer in flash animation during the 2000’s, helping companies and entrepreneurs  bring their creative spirit to life.

In 1998, I got access to the internet, a copy of Flash and my  career seemed defined.  I learned about the needs of start-ups and that design and a good presentation makes a huge difference for your service or product. Throughout the past 12+ years I have had the opportunity to explore new horizons and techniques of awesomeness. Working with video, 3D and sharpening my artistic teeth and feeding my endless curiosity of what I can create using the web as a substrate for both myself and the entrepreneur.

The world has become increasingly smaller and easier to reach a larger audience  more quickly.  Contact me today! Shoot me an email, drop me a text on skype and lets start bringing your idea to the world.

As we move into another year I’d like to thank the following people and businesses for giving me the opportunity to work with them in bringing their ideas to the world. Im always amazed at the power of the creative entrepreneurial spirit.

Wishing them all the best in all that they and their business does in the years to come.

Allstates Financial , Inc. Thomas P. Peta, Jr.
ABS Personal training
Build Our Trail
Ace Fence & Gates
Carman Shoe Repair
United Vision
Zing Pops
Maggie Hobson
Susan J. Agard