Welcome world wide web travelers.
You have just arrived at the website of Brian Hibbs. Well whoop-de-doo you are probably saying to yourself, “this is just another one of those self-impresses, preciously-perfect ode to Helvetica Bold and to the Cereal Bowl packaging.”

Hardly. In keeping with my philosophy of mixing the creation of stunning design work with a smatter of adolescent humor, I have built a digital and print home that has many nontraditional rooms to explore. See how you can turn a busy and productive afternoon into a complete wasted effort by squandering your time away with programming tricks. Find out who I work for and how I stay in business. So explore my website and if the spirit should move you, hire me to do your next corporate identity, packaging design, in-store promotion, trade show booth brochure, letterhead, ad, direct mail piece, signage, film titles or posters. Just don’t send me any nasty e-mails and I will get back to you right away.